The Kinn Guesthouse in Downtown Milwaukee

Author, Chloe McClure – Light as a Feather Events, Images by The Paper Elephant

Located in the epicenter of Milwaukee, the Kinn guesthouse is a one of a kind luxury hotel offering modern shared lounge spaces on every floor- making it Light as a Feather approved for a perfect accommodation for your wedding party.

The shared lounge space has luxury modern furnishings and appliances, paired with a stylish avant garde twist that is seen in the decor.

More importantly, the shared lounge space is perfect for getting your wedding party ready for the big day! Equipped with full kitchen appliances, a large dinner table, and a sizable cozy couch, the space is perfect for making your morning coffee and getting some peaceful moments with your favorite people before your big day officially begins.

The best part is, you do not have to go far from your room to enjoy all these amenities! Your hair and makeup artists can set up their equipment and work their magic right in the lounge space. Natural light flows through the floor to ceiling windows, creating perfect natural light for your makeup artists.

An abundance of chairs and booths are available for your hair stylist to use as well! A surround sound speaker system connected to a device allows you to play your favorite music and get you and your bridal party pumped up for the day!

A gym is located on site, and keyless entry for all doors and rooms is a staple for this modern accommodation. 

The actual hotel rooms themselves are nothing short of luxurious. Soft clouds of bedding, moody and romantic lighting, and modern elements including free wifi, heat/ac, and handcrafted toiletries made just for the Kinn leaves guests relaxed and with everything they could ever need. No matter the amount of nerves you are feeling before such a big day, the Kinn rooms mimic those comforts of home needed for a restful sleep.

The Kinn Guesthouse in downtown Milwaukee is a dream stay that anyone would enjoy, but it’s shared lounge space is what makes this accommodation perfect for a bride or groom and their wedding party.

This lounge space, kitchen appliances, Nespresso coffee maker, and all clad cookware is not extra cost, and usage is included in the price when you book their guest rooms! 

Oftentimes the venue’s bridal suites could be too small for a large bridal party or not have amenities, such as a chef style kitchen!

The Kinn shared lounge space is large enough to accommodate a bridal party and the hair and makeup artists working their magic!

You also will not have to travel to a bridal suite early in the morning to get ready, as the lounge space will be waiting for you right outside your guest room!

If you are looking for a large shared space to get ready for your big day, look no further, as the Kinn Guesthouse in downtown Milwaukee will take great care of you and your bridal party.