The First Look

A major event in your wedding day that can transform your timeline is whether or not you have a first look. A first look is when the wedding couple shares a private moment (with some photographers of course) in which they break tradition and see each other prior to the ceremony. 

Katie Schubert Photography

During a first look you can share private vows or just have a few quiet moments with your partner in the middle of a busy day. Having a first look can be preferable to a more emotional couple so you can let a few tears slip without it being in front of all your family & friends, and giving you time to fix your makeup afterwards. It is also beneficial to our more nervous brides or grooms.

Additionally, taking 10 minutes to just be alone with the person you are celebrating this day with, most likely won’t happen for the rest of the night!  In all, a first look is really that perfect private moment between two, where you can take it all in before the whirlwind of your wedding day.

First looks provide you with such a special romantic moment & sentimental photos to pair. Some of our favorite shots are of the groom seeing his bride in her dress for the first time and embracing her in a loving hug or kiss. However, incorporating a first look can also provide you with a total timeline alteration for your day. Having a first look allows you to get couples portraits & bridal party photos done before the ceremony. This way, you can walk right into your cocktail hour after you are married! Light as a Feather wants you to be able to enjoy the cocktail hour you’ve spent so much money on. Otherwise, you are off getting your bridal party photos & couple portraits done during cocktail hour, missing a majority of the event. 

We recommend setting aside around two hours to get bridal party & couple portraits done- whether this is before or during your cocktail hour.

If you choose to not have a first look, we still love those shots of the stunned or emotional groom/brides seeing their partner walking down the aisle. Some couples don’t mind missing their cocktail hour & are happy to pay for food & drinks for their guests while they are off taking photos! Don’t forget – a first look with your wedding party can be incredibly special as well.

If you are missing your cocktail hour to get photos done, Light as a Feather recommends having your planner prepare a plate of food and your favorite drinks to be brought out to you. We want to ensure you are eating and drinking during your day, as it is often one of the last things on a bride or groom’s mind!

In all, when deciding whether or not to do a first look, it comes down to your personal priorities. Whichever you choose to do, Light as a feather events will curate your timeline accordingly & ensure you are well taken care of during the day.